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Don’t Just Take It From Us…

Sure, we could go on and on about how much we love our customers and how much they love us. But rather than us telling you how easy our software is to use, or how simple it was to convert your data and switch to Auto/Mate or how good the training and support is, we thought we’d give our customers a chance to speak for us.

So take a minute and envision what it would be like to have positive things to say about your DMS.


After watching, you’ll understand how Auto/Mate gives dealerships the choice and flexibility they need to succeed in a challenging industry. With user-friendly software, a support team with years of dealership experience and features and products that deliver value and results, Auto/Mate is the DMS partner dealers have been looking for.

So who do you want riding shotgun? A confident co-pilot or an annoying backseat driver?

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