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700Credit is leading provider of credit and compliance solutions for the automotive industry. Our offerings include credit reports, pre-qualification and prescreen solutions, OFAC compliance, Red Flag, score disclosure and adverse action notices to name a few. 700Credit strives to provide its clients with the highest quality data in a wholly compliant framework at the lowest cost possible.

As we have grown, we have carefully selected specific products and services that enhance our core credit report business. We continually strive to meet our goal to create additional value for our clients by streamlining their work flow to help maximize their opportunity for growth.

While many resellers of prescreen/soft pull products have chosen one or two bureaus to resell or one or two consumer solutions to offer, 700Credit offers integration with all 3 credit bureaus, along with multiple consumer-facing solutions, for the most complete coverage of any vendor in the market today.

Our client onboarding process is “best in class” in the industry.  In as little as 48 hours, dealers will be up and running with any of our solutions.  Our client support lines are answered by a live person, 24/7/365.


Since 2000, 700Credit has provided credit and compliance services to automotive retailers.  Today we serve over 8,500 automotive, RV, Marine and Powersports dealers across the U.S.

Following is a summary of our product offerings:

Traditional Solutions:

Soft-Pull Solutions:


Drive exponentially more qualified leads to your dealership with our web-based QuickQualify solution. QuickQualify encourages consumers to get pre-qualified for a vehicle they are interested in. The short form and engaging video drives leads from your website into your store providing you with more qualified, closable opportunities. Dealer receives the FICO score and information on all open auto tradelines on every customer who fills out the lead form.

In Store:

Running a prescreen gives visibility to your customers when they walk in the door. Our QuickScreen solution is seamlessly integrated with the Auto/Mate platform and gives dealers a unique insight into your customer’s credit profile even before pulling a credit report.  With a live FICO score and all open auto tradelines from a consumer’s credit report, dealers can work the right deal, right away, putting the consumer in a vehicle they want with payments they can afford.

Web-Based Credit Application:

Drive exponentially more qualified finance leads to your dealership with our web-based QuickApplication solution that is simplified to make it easy for consumers to fill out and submit to your finance office.  An engaging video puts the consumer at ease so they are more likely to fill out the application online.

For more information please contact 700Credit at: 866.273.3848 or visit our website:

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