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Open/Mate Integration Program

When dealers are selecting vendors to work with, whether it’s a new CRM, mobile app, or service retention software, integration with their DMS should not be a factor. We have long been an advocate for open standards in the automotive industry as a way to increase competition, lower prices, and improve the quality of products offered by all vendors.

Have you heard about our Open/Mate Integration Program?

Open/Mate allows third party vendors to integrate with Auto/Mate’s DMS. With Open/Mate, all data exchanged between Auto/Mate’s DMS and third party vendors is delivered instantly and securely in both directions. Real-time integration greatly eliminates redundancy and delivers accurate information for better decision-making, compared with data exchanges performed via batch deliveries for auto dealers.

Key Features:
Seamless Integration for Third Party Vendors
Improved Productivity for Auto Dealers
“Push Notifications” for Real-Time Data Updates to Auto Dealers
More Vendor Choices Lower Costs for Auto Dealers

Dealers interested in learning more about the Open/Mate program through Auto/Mate’s DMS should email us at [email protected].

Third party vendors interested in integrating with Auto/Mate’s DMS through the Open/Mate program, should email us at [email protected].

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