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If your employees don’t love your company, your customers will never love your company. This is what our culture is about. Culture isn’t a concept here, it’s a way of life.



Did we mention that we’ve won Albany Business Review’s Best Place to Work Award for NINE years running?? Can’t help it, we love to brag about it. We need to deliver to our customers the best software and support in our industry. We can’t do that with grumpy Gus acting like a curmudgeon in the corner (try saying that five times fast). Nope, we want hard workers who know how to get the job done, but like to have a good time doing it.

Who doesn’t love getting a work email letting them know that there is an ice cream truck outside? Or watching the CEO flip burgers at one of the frequent BBQ’s. Holiday parties, Wine Tours, and we can’t forget to mention Hawaiian Day (it’s the CEO’s favorite, he greets everyone in the morning with a Hawaiian lei and music playing). When you work hard, we reward you for it!





Don’t like wearing a tie every day? Good! We don’t either. Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, Hawaiian shirts (the CEO really does love all things Hawaiian), flip-flops, bring it on! Maybe just no pajamas. Arrive casual, arrive comfy, just don’t arrive in your jammies.


All of the employees at Auto/Mate know they can communicate directly with all levels of management. There’s no red tape with strict intimidating processes here. It’s not like our CEO is Lord Voldemort (now picture that in a Hawaiian shirt!).

We have quarterly meetings where the CEO (in a Hawaiian shirt usually.. have you caught the theme here yet?) reviews the overall company’s performance. We regularly send out company emails highlighting when one of our own has gone above and beyond and we’re constantly looking at ways to improve. Most of the time the best ideas come from one of our amazing employees.

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