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Auto/Mate & Vision Dealer Solutions Integration

Captivating F&I tools that create meaningful and profitable relationships.

Product Description

Auto/Mate DMS and Vision Dealer Solutions have partnered to provide dealerships the ultimate F&I solution designed to improve the customer experience and maximize aftermarket sales. The Vision Dealer Solutions suite of products is designed to deliver a more modern, engaging, and intuitive F&I process that yields profits, results, and transparency.


VisionMenu™ is an easy-to-use, web-based F&I software tool that digitizes and streamlines the sales process. From a single screen, you can quickly customize the menu to fit your exact F&I needs. Your customers will appreciate a faster, more efficient process made possible by the unlimited templates that allow you to create and change deals before and/or during the sale. VisionMenu™ gives you the power to build the process and experience you want. It’s a solution tailored to your unique needs and those of your customers.

  • Infinite menu templates

  • Six different fully customizable styles of menus

  • Easy direct-to-provider eCommerce platform for eRating and eContracting


VisionTouch™ is a revolutionary tool for selling F&I that puts all functions of the sale in one device. It allows you to connect with your customer all along the sales path, from the time they enter the showroom floor, until they “touch” to sign the deal. Its wireless capabilities allow you to sell virtually anywhere using a desktop PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Make your F&I presentations virtual by simply combining the conference software of your choice.

  • Interactive menus that recalculate payments based on accepted/declined products

  • Completely customizable questionnaires

  • Ability to conduct F&I presentations remotely


The F&I process has never been more convenient for customers thanks to vSignature™. Whether it’s live, guided in or out of your finance office, or unattended anywhere around the world, customers can see the deal and eSign documents from the convenience of their smartphone, computer, or tablet. Give them the ability to sign one or more documents by simply tapping their finger. vSignature provides three different signing options:

  • Live – When customers are present in person, simply point to the areas to be signed using VisionTouch or Remote F&I.

  • Guided – For an in-person or remote guided process, you can create templates that prompt customers to sign so they never miss a signature.

  • Unattended – For a completely unattended process, you can send customers an email or text, which allows them to complete the signing process on their own.


VisionReport™ provides unparalleled access to F&I information and analytics in real time. These reports make it easy to establish goals and track performance by dealership representatives and departments. With this information, you can customize your training to realize your dealership’s fullest potential.

  • More than 35 mobile-friendly reports

  • Custom dashboards

  • Unlimited, automated email subscriptions


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