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Protect more customers. Sell more service.

Multi-Point Inspections unify your service processes from start to finish.

Product Description

Our MPI feature allows you to electronically complete vehicle inspections faster and more accurately. A service writer can start an MPI during the write-up process and a technician can complete that same MPI from our Dispatch Module. All MPI records are archived into the customer history record so they can be accessed at a later date.

How MPI Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Upsell more service

  • Easily accessible in Mobile Service Consultant, Dispatch and Service Merchandising Modules

  • All MPIs are stored in the DMS

Upsell More Service

MPIs are designed for you to create more service opportunities for your dealership. By performing a quick walk-around focusing on each MPI requirement, you might find out that a customer needs more than just a typical oil change.

Easily accessible in multiple modules

Take your MPI on the go. Your MPI forms are readily available to you right when you start the walk-around process with Mobile Service Consultant. The service advisor can note potential areas of concern in the MPI to be used as a potential upsell opportunity. This information can then be sent to your technicians via our Dispatch Module.

All MPIs are stored in the DMS

The next time a customer brings their vehicle in for service, you can quickly and conveniently refer to their previous MPI. This allows you to accurately identify areas of the vehicle where repairs were recommended in the past. Recording existing vehicle damage and storing your MPI with your tablet also protects your dealership from vehicle damage claimed by your customer.


Looking for this information in PDF form?

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