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Your entire service operation all in one menu

Service Merchandising brings structure and convenience to your service department.

Product Description

Service Merchandising is a profit-enhancing module that has a wide variety of tools to help increase service volume and seamlessly accelerate the repair order from start to finish. We bring convenience to your service department with real-time status updates in the appointment calendar, access to OEM integrations and repair order information.

How Service Merchandising Can Help Your Dealership:

  • User-friendly menus with robust functionality

  • Track all appointments and repair orders

  • Automatically text service customers with important reminders

  • Ensure upsell opportunities with Recommended Services

User-friendly menus with robust functionality.

We know how frustrating remembering dozens of keyboard shortcuts is while operating a poorly designed DMS. We’ve been there, and that’s why we provide you easy access to functions like appointment scheduling, multi-point inspections, OEM information and repair order details. Navigate either with a mouse, keyboard or a combination of both based on user preference.

Track all appointments and repair orders.

Visually gauge how busy your service bay is going to be over the course of a day, week or month by tracking your appointments and repair orders. Auto/Mate integrates directly with most manufacturers so you have the capability from the DMS to view manufacturer vehicle reports to check for any open recalls or warranty submissions at the time of appointment or write up.

Automatically text service customers with important reminders.

Our new automatic texting feature inside of Service Merchandising prevents fixed ops employees from spending time sending individual text messages to customers. Create these automatic texts to go out regularly after certain events like closing an RO or an appointment being scheduled. By scheduling these texts, you can prevent or follow up on forgotten service appointments.

Ensure upsell opportunities with Recommended Services.

Recommended Services enables both advisors and technicians to create service recommendations for open Repair Orders. The parts department can access these recommendations to add parts pricing, allowing the service advisors to present accurate upsell opportunities to the consumer.

When approved, the recommendations are added to the RO as additional repair lines and when declined, they are saved to the customer record for future presentation and printed on the RO invoice for reference if desired.


Looking for this information in PDF form?

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