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April In the News Roundup

Keep in touch with the latest news from Auto/Mate and DealerSocket with our monthly roundup.


Digital Dealer

Less is More: Optimizing Websites Through Design

When it comes to your website, it’s not about merchandising; it’s about providing a route for car shoppers to sort and filter inventory. Is your website optimized for this process?


On the Brink: The Next Big Thing for Car Dealers

DealerSocket’s Greg Arroyo shares his predictions about a significant transformation coming to auto retail in the next three to five years, one that will put dealers in control of their destiny.

Automotive News

New Web Tool Helps Dealers Navigate Federal Coronavirus Aid

DealerSocket, working with app development platform Quick Base and law firm Kirkland & Ellis, is offering dealerships an online tool to guide them through the federal CARES Act and simplify the application process.


New Twist on Car Dealership Sales Conquesting

Can your CRM help you turn unsold prospects into service customers?

Digital Dealer

5 Reasons to Reconcile Bank Transactions Daily

Do you still reconcile bank transactions at the end of every month using paper statements & Excel spreadsheets? Auto/Mate’s Tracey Van Allen explains why you need to reconcile bank transactions daily.


Due to COVID-19, in-person industry events have been cancelled or re-scheduled. However, webinars are a great way to stay informed!

Get a Grip on Cash Flow by Modernizing Your Cash Handling Process

April 9

Watch the replay by clicking on the link and completing registration.

In this webinar, Auto/Mate’s Tracey Van Allen explains the importance of daily, electronic bank reconciliations and shares process tips so you always know how much cash you have on hand.

Maximizing Cash Flow with Automation

April 28

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to offer multiple payments options to customers to maintain cash flow at your dealership. Whether you’re trying to take payments virtually, dealing with a reduction in staff, having to run the entire dealership from your home (or all three!) this DealerSocket webinar is what you need to make the most of IDMS.

How to Find Success with Data Mining

April 23

With the unique challenges brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, the importance of customer retention has skyrocketed for dealers. In this webinar, DealerSocket experts share how to adjust data mining strategies to drive retention in the current environment.

Multi-state Dealer Group CEO Shares Insights within our “New Normal”

April 16

Join Erich Gail, CEO of Cardinale Group of Companies, as he discusses how their group is enhancing capabilities to serve and support their communities.

DealerRefresh and DealerSocket Talk Digital Retail

April 10

How is digital retailing working for you? DealerSocket joined DealerRefresh on their weekly “RefreshFriday” broadcast on Friday, April 10, to talk about the other side of digital retailing: the operational components that actually make it work.

COVID-19 Communication: Detailing the Rapid Response in Automotive

April 9

Join Cavan Robinson of DealerSocket, and Stephen Hailey of Honda of Cleveland as they discuss the immediate response to government mandate COVID-19 requirements, and give examples of dealers that hit the ground running with effective consumer messaging.

Preparing Your Dealership for Remote Operations

April 3

Join Aaron Schinke of DealerSocket and Kris Nielsen of Soave Automotive Group as they share tactical takeaways for sales and customer management outside the showroom.

Press Releases

4/9: DealerSocket Offers Free Web-Based Application to Help Dealers Navigate Applying for CARES Act Financial Assistance

4/13: Auto/Mate Integrates Dealership Management System (DMS) with Bluejay Reviews

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