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Auto/Mate Dealership Systems Updates Parts Module

Parts system re-designed to improve workflow and expedite processes in auto dealership parts departments

Albany, N.Y. – January 20, 2020 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems has re-designed its Parts Module to simplify the parts management and sales processes in auto dealerships. The new Parts Module is easy to use and requires fewer screens to get the job done than the prior version. Improved workflows in the parts department make it easier to train employees, reduce idle tech time, increase parts sales and reduce parts obsolescence.

“As with all our development projects, we listened to what our customers wanted in our re-designed Parts Module,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate. “The system is built to support the way that parts department employees actually work on a daily basis, making their jobs easier and increasing productivity while improving customer satisfaction.”

New features in the Parts Module include:

User-Friendly Design

The screens and navigation in Auto/Mate’s Parts Module are highly intuitive, which makes it easy to train employees and results in fewer errors. More functions are consolidated into fewer screens, allowing parts department employees to spend less time navigating technology and more time selling parts to customers.

“In many parts systems, complex sales transactions require accessing seven to eight different screens in order to be completed,” said Bob Chetwynd, a business analyst with Auto/Mate. “Now, complex and large sales transactions can be accomplished with just one or two screens.”

Simplified Parts Sales

The Parts Module sales and invoicing program makes selling parts to a Repair Order (RO), internally or over the counter a breeze. Aside from selling parts to customers using a list of various price models, users can access integrated electronic parts catalogs, be alerted of superseded parts and view individual parts details.

“Many parts systems require employees to access ROs multiple times in order to sell all the parts for one job,” said Chetwynd. “Auto/Mate’s Parts Module allows employees to sell and bill all parts with multiple sales types in one simple transaction.”

Additionally, increased visibility is provided by allowing employees to look up an RO and instantly see what parts have been sold to it and what parts still have to be sold, without going through multiple screens to find that information.

Automatic Core Tracking

Accumulation of non-credited cores can cost dealerships hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, every month. Yet relying on employees to manually track core credits on all sold and returned parts can result in many inaccuracies.

Auto/Mate’s Parts Module automates the entire core tracking process, allowing managers to know at all times how much money is tied up in pending core credits. When parts are sold to an RO or over the counter, the clean core charge is automatically billed to the customer if there’s a core value attached to the part.

Special Orders Invoicing

Auto/Mate’s Parts Module is designed to speed up the process of selling special order parts, making it easier for employees to create, bill and track even the largest special orders. With Auto/Mate’s new parts system, employees can easily sell and invoice partially receipted orders, eliminating sales holdbacks due to insufficient quantities or delayed shipments.

Special orders are placed on pending invoices and a list of all open special orders with their status can be viewed. As parts in a special order are received, they can be sold to the customer and the new invoices are automatically chained to the original, so there’s never a question about which special parts belong to which job, or which parts in a special order have yet to be billed.

Superseded Parts Tracking

Auto/Mate’s Parts Module automatically tracks superseded parts inventory and updates new parts with the correct OEM parts numbers. The system then prompts employees to sell older, superseded parts first, helping to reduce parts obsolescence.

Auto/Mate’s Parts Module is available immediately for new customers and will be rolled out to current customers at no additional cost to them throughout 2020. This is a testament to Auto/Mate’s commitment to being the number one DMS in customer satisfaction with no long-term contracts, exceptional customer support and free software upgrades for life.

To see a demo of Auto/Mate’s Parts Module, visit Booth #4337C at the NADA Convention & Expo, February 14-17, 2020 in Las Vegas, NV. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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