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Auto/Mate Announces Open/Mate, Allowing Third-Party Vendors to Fully Integrate with its Dealership Management System

ALBANY, NY (June 11, 2012) – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems ( today announced Open/Mate, an open integration program that allows third-party software vendors to fully integrate with Auto/Mate’s dealership management system (DMS). With Open/Mate, all data exchanged between an auto dealer’s DMS and third-party software systems is delivered instantly and securely in both directions. Real-time integration greatly eliminates redundancy and delivers accurate information for better decision making, compared with data exchanges performed via batch deliveries.


“When dealers are selecting vendors to work with, whether it’s a new CRM, mobile app, or software for the service department, integration with the DMS should not be a factor,” said Mike Esposito, President and CEO of Auto/Mate. “We have long been an advocate of open standards in this industry as a way to increase competition, lower prices and improve the quality of products offered by all vendors.”


Open/Mate offers auto dealers the following features and benefits:


Improved Productivity

For auto dealers, one of the biggest problems with bringing in new vendors is whether a system will integrate seamlessly with the dealership’s DMS. Without seamless integration, employees are required to double-key information, a redundant process. In cases where the systems do speak to each other via standard interfaces, the batch exchange method is still not real-time and instant, affecting accuracy of data used for critical decision making.


“Push Notifications” Provide Real-Time Data Updates

With Open/Mate, any updates made in third-party software systems are instantly “pushed out” into the DMS and into other integrated third-party software programs. This means that dealership employees can always be confident that data such as vehicle prices, parts inventory or service scheduling is always real-time and accurate, enabling critical decisions to be based.


More Vendor Choices Lower Costs

Auto/Mate is one of several dealership management system (DMS) vendors offering full integration to third-party software vendors. The more choices dealerships have, the more competitive DMS vendors are required to be in both price and features, lowering technology costs for dealers.


Third-party software vendors interested in integrating with Open/Mate should contact Auto/Mate at (518) 371-4331.


About Auto/Mate

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