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Auto/Mate Introduces Just In Time Training™ to Help Auto Dealers Maximize Benefits of Dealer Management System

CLIFTON PARK, NY (January 21, 2008) – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems (, developers of user friendly and cost effective dealer management software solutions, today announced the introduction of Just In Time Training™ (JITT™) to help dealers maximize the benefits of the company’s popular Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS). JITT is an interactive, self-study learning method integrated into the AMPS program. It gives users the exact information they need when they need it, and in a way that can be easily understood and applied.


“We’ve always based system development on feedback from our dealers. In the NADA 2007 Dealer Satisfaction Survey, dealers made it very clear that they were not happy with the level of training provided by the DMS vendors. JITT was proactively developed to address this exact point,” commented Mike Esposito, President and CEO of Auto/Mate.


Users can access JITT from any screen in the system by clicking a Question Mark icon to get “how to” information for the particular system feature they are using. JITT responds with the exact data required to easily and quickly complete the task. Training tutorials include short videos, PDFs, text and URL links.


“Dealers are typically faced with two key training issues — high staff turnover that requires constant training of new personnel and staff that don’t have the time or motivation to learn all of a DMS’s features and benefits. JITT makes training fast and simple for any dealership employee and insures AMPS is being used to its full benefit,” Esposito added.


The National Automobile Dealers Association 2007 Bi-Annual ‘Survey of Dealership Satisfaction with Dealer System Providers Products and Services,’ released in September 2007, showed that dealerships on the average felt that the technical training provided by DMS developers was only 37% effective. Dealers also felt that the type of system training that would be most convenient and cost-effective was in-house training (79%), web-based self-study training (73%) and web-based interactive training (71%).


“With JITT users can learn as they go, acquiring the data they need when necessary and at their own speed. The self-study and interactive component makes it a more dynamic and engaging learning process as well,” said Esposito. “It really raises the bar in DMS training, and will help dealers increase efficiency without increasing costs.”


Auto/Mate is offering JITT as a free upgrade. The company will also continue to provide free ‘training for life’ to all customers.


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