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CLIFTON PARK, NY (June 23, 2008) – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems (, developers of user-friendly and cost-effective dealer management software solutions, today announced the release of Time/Mate, an electronic time clock module that simplifies the collection and management of employee time.


“Time/Mate saves dealers hours of work spent manually calculating employee time data,” said Mike Esposito, president of Auto/Mate. “It’s a real-time system that increases payroll accuracy, saves your payroll personnel time and helps guard against payroll inflation.”


Time/Mate, which integrates with Auto/Mate’s Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS), lets employees electronically “clock in” and “clock out” a PC. Time/Mate automatically gathers and aggregates the data, then calculates each employee’s time, including overtime and double time using a robust set of pay rules specific for the dealer’s state or locale. In addition the data can then be integrated to AMPS’ payroll processing system.


Managers, supervisors and payroll personnel can use Time/Mate to track employee hours through a graphical clock in/out “board” that shows when and how long each employee worked. It also creates an attendance record for salaried employees and an audit trail of any timecard changes.


Time/Mate makes timekeeping fast, easy and accurate for any size dealership by eliminating the need for mechanical time clocks and manual addition of punches, overtime calculations and payroll system data entry. It enables dealerships to more effectively and efficiently manage their workforce.


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