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Auto/Mate Introduces New Streamlined and Intuitive Payroll Application

Albany, N.Y. – March 21st, 2016Auto/Mate Dealership Systems today introduced a completely redesigned payroll application for auto dealers, located within the Accounting Suite of its dealership management system (DMS). The new payroll application includes a host of new features that streamline and expedite the payroll process.


“We asked our customers and prospects what their biggest challenges were when they process payroll, then set about to build a brand new payroll application that would solve those challenges,” said Mike Esposito, President and CEO of Auto/Mate Dealership Systems. “After two solid years in development, we are incredibly proud of how intuitive and fast this payroll app is. As always with our upgrades, our dealership clients that currently have payroll will get the new payroll application for free.”


Auto/Mate’s new payroll application includes the following features:


Automated State and Federal Tax Tables

Auto/Mate’s Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) maintains all state and federal tax tables automatically. At the beginning of every calendar year, AMPS automatically updates all rates so the correct amount is withheld from each paycheck, in accordance with local law.


Predefined Setups

Office personnel can predefine setups for various types of payroll that are commonly run; whether weekly, monthly, bonus checks and more. Deductions, exclusions, liabilities and tax rates can all be assigned on a per employee basis.


“Creating the setups requires a little time up front, but once the setups are established it make running the payroll a breeze,” said Esposito. “The app is very flexible, giving prompts to help staff create setups for every possible scenario.”


The ability to predefine setups expedites payroll processing by making it a simple one-step, one-screen process. Office personnel can view a list of employees in a left sidebar panel, and when they click on an employee’s name the payroll details appear on the right side of the screen. New data can be entered on the same screen, and changes are reflected immediately in the details screen.


A print preview of each paycheck can also be viewed from within the screen, and a PDF version of every paycheck is archived into every employee’s file.


On-the-Fly Deposit Changes

Auto/Mate’s new payroll app makes it easy to make changes to deposits on the fly. Many direct deposit employees have several bank accounts and direct a percentage of each paycheck to be deposited into each account. The new payroll app supports direct deposit splits into 15 different bank accounts.


In addition, it’s simple to create live checks with partial direct deposit, or direct deposit with partial live checks. Changes can be made on the fly based on last-minute employee requests, with little effort required for the accounting staff.


Increased Security


Auto/Mate’s new payroll application includes built-in checks and balances for increased security. The accounting office often allows several employees and other departments to have access to the payroll system. Now functions within the system can be limited and defined on a per user basis.


For instance, the office manager may want to give only one or two specific people permission to add new employees to the system, access the general ledger, or approve the payroll.


Validation Tools

Occasionally errors are made when running payroll, such as when an earnings code is missing a GL account number, or an extra digit is added to a paycheck. Auto/Mate’s payroll application allows parameters to be set up for each employee so the system will intuitively sense errors.


Once the payroll is ready to run, the user simply hits the “Validate” button, the system checks for errors, identifies the location and allows the user to make changes right in the screen, so they don’t have to slog through multiple screens and steps to correct the error and repeat the entire process.


To see a demo of Auto/Mate’s new payroll application, stop by Booth #1853C at the 2016 NADA Convention & Expo. Make an appointment here:


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