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Ready to Make a DMS Decision You Won’t Regret For the Next 5 Years?

When you think of your current DMS provider do you think of them as family? A mutually beneficial relationship built on trust? One you’d actually consider getting a tattoo dedicated to? Unless you’re one of our customers the answer is mostly like NO!

It’s time to experience a DMS that does business differently. But what does that mean for you? It means a DMS partner that provides top tier software that will help take your dealership to the next level. Our world class support department is staffed by real people, who are former car dealership personnel so they know exactly how to do YOUR job! We don’t believe in contracts because we believe in earning your business each and every month – our commitment to the over 1,200 dealerships that have already experience the Auto/Mate way.

Isn’t it time you joined our o’hana? If you’re thinking about switching your DMS, take the next step and download our 10-Step eBook on Changing your DMS.

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