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Dashboard Dealership Enterprises Integrates with Auto/Mate’s DMS, Providing Auto Dealers with Advanced Reporting Solution

Albany, N.Y. – May 31, 2017 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced today that its dealership management system (DMS) is fully integrated with Dashboard Dealership Enterprises, a developer of high quality system products and related services to satisfy the current and emerging needs of its customers. Auto dealerships using both Auto/Mate’s DMS and Dashboard’s reporting solutions are now able to enjoy seamless data exchange and real-time updates between the two systems.


“Managers at every level in automotive retail have more important things to do than spend time compiling data into reports, which quickly become inaccurate and don’t tell the story behind the numbers,” said Mike Esposito, President and CEO of Auto/Mate. “Analytics and business intelligence software allow managers to drill down and identify why problems are occurring, so they can take immediate and appropriate action.”


Dashboard Dealership Enterprises’ flagship product, Executive Eye, has built its reputation as a proven leader in dealership management reporting, and continues to innovate in the world of business analytics. Executive Eye is a mainstay in over 750 dealerships, including many on the 2016 Automotive News ‘Top 150’ Dealership Groups.


“Our mission is to exceed customer expectations for services, quality, speed of implementation, ease of use and support,” said Josh Blick, Dashboard Dealership Enterprises CEO. “The Open/Mate integration process with Auto/Mate was painless and we are thrilled that more auto dealers now have an enterprise option to analytics and business intelligence.”


Auto/Mate designed its Open/Mate program using open standards to provide an affordable integration experience for third-party vendors. The more vendors that integrate with each other, the greater cost savings dealerships are able to achieve. Auto/Mate doesn’t believe in charging big certification fees because those costs get passed directly to the dealership.


Auto/Mate is an award-winning DMS vendor servicing 1,350 dealership rooftops, including large auto groups and single-store franchises. Auto/Mate is the #1 DMS vendor in customer satisfaction and is well known for its outstanding software and customer support.


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About Dashboard Dealership Enterprises

Dashboard Dealership Enterprises is a full-Service Enterprise Analytic and Business Intelligence provider, serving the Retail Automotive market since 1996. We provide Turn-Key Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for every Retail Automotive DMS in North America, and beyond. We use cutting edge systems to deliver this information in a fast, easy to understand, and diverse platform.


We answer the phone!  Our experienced Install & Support staff provide training, phone support, and most importantly, assist our clients in optimizing their experience.


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About Auto/Mate

Auto/Mate Dealership Systems is a leading provider of dealership management system (DMS) software to retail automotive dealerships, typically saving dealers thousands of dollars per month from their current provider. Our Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) is a user-friendly, feature-rich DMS in use by more than 1,350 auto dealers nationwide. Auto/Mate has received DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards every year from 2012 to 2016.


Auto/Mate’s employees have more than 1,000 years of combined experience working in franchised auto dealerships, the foundation of its “Designed By Car People For Car PeopleTM” slogan. Auto/Mate is committed to winning its customers’ business each and every month with no long-term contracts and free software upgrades. For more information follow us on Twitter @AutoMateDMS and subscribe to our blog at

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