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How Can Dashboard Work for You?

Dashboard Overview

Dash/Mate is a productivity and performance measurement tool that provides a detailed way to view key figures from your DOC. You’ll see the value in being able to monitor sales, profitability, and forecasted dollars. The advanced metrics allow you to quickly see figures from multiple stores in your dealership. With the detailed security in Auto/Mate, not only can general managers, owners and comptrollers access and maintain a Dashboard, but all your key department managers can now review what is happening as well.

Customizing Your Dashboard

Adding new widgets (dashboard metrics) is a simple task. Start with a blank Dashboard and add/customize based on your preferences. Several displays are available; descriptions explain each widget type. After you select a widget, you must then select the metric group (e.g., Total Dealership Net). Once you complete those basic steps, you can create the widget with default settings or add customization (i.e., size, label, color, dial range and date range). You can easily go back to modify settings (e.g., color, date range). You can even move the location of widgets on your Dashboard. Next time you log in, previously created widgets automatically display with updated information. Information is automatically updated every five minutes. You also have the option to manually update.

Below you’ll find an example of a fully customized dashboard. To zoom, click on the picture.

For a detailed description of how to customize your Dashboard, with detailed step-by-step instructions, refer to documentation in the Info/Mate module.

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