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Is Your DMS Built For the Digital Transformation in Sales and F&I?

Americans spend billions of hours waiting in line every year. Are your workflows in sales and F&I making it better, or worse? Dealers have been turning to technology to solve workflow and customer experience issues for years now. After all, it’s what the digital consumer expects.

It’s important that dealerships take the time to assess their need for a digital transformation on the sales floor, and understand the role their DMS must play in this major transition. In this webinar, sales and F&I expert Anna Puzier provides several considerations dealerships must make when going digital.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn where traditional processes are slowing you down and hurting customer experience

  • Know what to expect when going digital

  • Truly streamline your sales and F&I process

  • Understand the role your DMS plays in modern transformations




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