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Does Your DMS Get You the Support You Need?

Let’s Say you have a couple of employees who forgot how to generate the reports they want, or you have three new salespeople who need CRM and desking training. How long it takes to get the answers they need depends on a number of factors, and the first is actually connecting with your DMS.

The majority of DMS support lines are automated, requiring you to follow a series of prompts, only to be put on hold. And if you do finally reach somebody, they may or may not be able to support your case depending on their level of dealership or technical knowledge. This usually means more waiting. You might even be asked to use an online chat tool for support. A tool like this is designed to help them, not you. Even if you get the answers you need, you’ve just lost time that could’ve been spent selling or fixing more cars. But you did gain one thing: a good deal of stress in an already stressful job.

This white paper, 6 Red Flags Signaling It’s Time for a New DMS, explores this and other critical pain points in dealerships, including:

  • Cost
  • Data ownership & management
  • Lack of functionality and workflow problems

After reading, you’ll be able to thoroughly evaluate the relationship between your dealership and DMS vendor, and know where that relationship is falling short.


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