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Don’t Miss this Auto News Webinar on Employee Training & Coaching

How do you get employees to perform their best? Learn the latest strategies in this upcoming Automotive News PowerTRAINING webinar! Auto/Mate’s Director of Support Services, Melissa Maldonado, will share proven techniques for getting the most out of your employees. It’s not all about motivation; it’s about hands-on training and coaching!


Date: Tuesday, June 12

Time: 2:00 pm EST



Most dealers focus on training only during downtimes, a costly mistake that contributes to employee dissatisfaction and high turnover. Learning how to do one’s job involves more than learning how to use software or follow a process.


Employees need to know the “why” behind their job and how they contribute to the company’s success. In this webinar, Maldonado will teach attendees how to create a training program designed to engage both new and long-time employees.



Maldonado will also share tips on how to effectively coach employees to success. She’ll explain why every department needs a playbook to document processes and cross-train employees. Additionally, Maldonado will share proven strategies for team building and creating an atmosphere where employees are excited to come to work every day.


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