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Auto/Mate Announces E-signature Capture Engine for Auto Dealers

Albany, NY – March 5, 2018 – Auto/Mate Dealership Systems has announced the development of its E-Signature Capture engine, a tablet-based application for auto dealers that allows service and parts staff to accept and store digital signatures from customers. The ability to collect and store signatures digitally greatly reduces paper trails, improves compliance and workflow and increases customer satisfaction.

“Dealerships are among the last business entities that rely heavily on paper-based processes, but today, there is no reason for it,” said Mike Esposito, president and CEO of Auto/Mate. “Most customers prefer digital transactions, and the capacity to manage documents electronically provides a number of benefits to dealers.”

E-Signature Capture has a slick, modern interface and is built right into Auto/Mate’s dealership management system (DMS). The mobile application can be used on the same device as Auto/Mate’s Mobile Service Consultant, helping to streamline customer-facing service and parts processes.

Dealerships can now reclaim storage space and eliminate the scanning and filing associated with third-party document management solutions. Since it’s native to the DMS, E-Signature Capture reduces incidences of misplaced documents and allows employees to quickly search for and retrieve documents on the fly.

The ability to capture electronic signatures presents a professional and modern image to customers, improving their perception and satisfaction levels with dealerships. Once documents are finalized, it’s easy and fast to email them to customers, rather than printing them out. “Try giving a piece of paper to a Millennial, they hardly know what to do with it,” Esposito said.

Emailing documents also improves customer email capture rates, a process that can significantly improve marketing campaign performance.

E-Signature Capture improves dealership workflow by automating the document storage process and making it easier to obtain customer approvals and finalize contracts. It also reduces errors and increases dealership compliance, resulting in fewer bounced contracts and penalties from factory audits.

“It may be a few more years before dealerships are entirely paperless, but E-Signature Capture is a tool that can be used to take meaningful steps toward that goal,” Esposito said. “This application is a win-win-win for your employees, your customers and the environment.”

To see a demo of E-Signature Capture engine or to learn more, visit Booth #3483C at the NADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, NV, March 23-25, 2018. Schedule an appointment today at

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