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Modernize your sales workflow and electronically manage documents by eliminating the hassles of paper forms.

Product Description

The eDEAL™ Signature Capture feature inside of Sales & Finance allows F&I staff to capture and store electronically signed documents from their customers using digital PDF forms on a tablet. This allows the dealership to store forms digitally in the DMS and send an email to the customer with all documentation attached, drastically reducing the amount of paper used in car deal transactions.

How eDEAL™ Can Help Your Dealership:

  • Minimal printer trips. Maximum efficiency.

  • Conduct the signing ceremony anywhere

  • Lower your expenses tied to printing and storing forms

Minimal printer trips. Maximum efficiency.

Going digital means fewer headaches associated with impact printers. Spend more time with the customer going through an interactive F&I process and less time walking back and forth to the printer. eDEAL™ also allows you to save signing sessions in the event that one of the necessary parties isn’t present or if you want to prep forms for all of the deals you’re expecting to close that day. Who said selling a vehicle had to take a long time?

Conduct the signing ceremony anywhere.

Give your customers the freedom to decide how they want to sign forms. The remote signing option inside of eDEAL™ provides your customers and your dealership more flexibility when it comes to completing deals. Whether it takes place in your showroom or you email the forms for the customer to sign in the comfort of their home, Remote eDEAL™ provides another option for you to create the best car buying experience possible.

Lower your expenses tied to printing and storing forms.

Consider the number of forms you print per deal and the average number of deals you close each month. Now associate that number with how much paper and toner used. eDEAL™ takes reams of paper out of the equation. Digital forms are stored directly to the deal and downloaded as a .zip file that you can email or put on a flash drive. This means you no longer have to have customers walk away with stacks of paper, pay to store boxes of forms offsite or scramble to find physical copies during events like a factory audit.


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