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February 2017 In the News Roundup

We know you can’t stand it when a month goes by and you don’t see us. So we do our best to stay in the news, just for you!




Automotive News

 Keiser University’s auto retailing plan

Automotive News recently profiled Keiser U’s new auto dealership management program. Did you know that Keiser U selected Auto/Mate as its DMS provider and partner for the program? We are proud to participate in this four-year program designed to prepare students for high-level careers in the auto industry.






Podcast Interview

Mike Esposito was recently interviewed by AutoSuccess magazine. In this podcast, Mike gives tips on how to prepare your dealership’s team for success in the coming year.


Dealer Solutions

Forget Customer Experience. Employee Experience Matters Most

Manufacturers and dealerships continue to pour dollars into focus groups and market research, all to answer the question: How can we design, sell and service cars so our customers purchase from us instead of our competition?

But they’re asking the wrong question. In this article Mike Esposito explains why the right question to ask is: Are my employees happy?





NADA Vendor Insights - Auto/Mate

Written by Maddy Low with DrivingSales

In this video interview conducted at NADA, Mike Esposito shares his thoughts on what's ahead for the auto industry.


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