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Don’t Take Our Word For it. Take the FTC’s

The FTC did some homework for you. And boy did they learn a lot about the way Auto/Mate does business differently in the DMS market.

“Auto/Mate is an innovative, disruptive challenger to the two market leaders. It offers franchise dealerships a distinct value proposition, including strong functionality, low pricing, an agnostic platform for third-party applications, extensive OEM certifications, short contracts, free software upgrades and training, and a reputation for high-quality customer service.”

We’ve taken this excerpt and many others from the FTC’s conclusions and have translated them into what this means for dealerships nationwide.

FTC Findings Reviewed

Our closing statement? Dealers need a partner in their DMS. Somebody who won’t charge for the latest software upgrade or provide lousy support. That’s the Auto/Mate difference.

Want to learn more? Download our one sheet, or request a demo and see why the FTC considers us the only DMS able to compete with the giants.

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