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How Much Is Your DMS Costing Your Dealership?

The last thing your DMS vendor wants to discuss is the justification of your monthly bill. They have you right where they want you — shackled by a multi-year contract. And as much as you may yearn for that day of freedom, you’ve grown accustomed to playing by their rules.

Auto/Mate gives dealerships the choice and flexibility they need to succeed in a challenging industry. With user-friendly software, a support team with years of dealership experience and features and products that deliver value and results, Auto/Mate is the DMS partner dealers have been looking for.

So what are you waiting for? On average, dealers are saving more than $100,000 annually with Auto/Mate. Take the next step with a DMS that does business differently and ask for a quote. At the very least, you’ll be able to wave a lower-cost, full-featured alternative in front of your current DMS provider. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the tables on them for a change?

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