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Has Your Dealership Embraced Mobile Tablets?

by Mike Esposito

Are employees in your dealership using mobile tablets in service, sales and/or F&I departments? Despite much interest and even hype surrounding usage of mobile tablets in the dealership, the reality is that fewer than 50% of dealerships currently use or plan to use them in the near future.

Why the disparity between usage and interest? Primary reasons why dealers haven’t yet adopted mobile tablets include:

Cost. The hardware and software costs associated with implementing mobile tablets is not prohibitive, but the costs associated with expanding the network infrastructure (such as WiFi) so tablets can be used effectively may be a factor.

Change. Mobile tablet usage requires a change in some processes, and as we know, many people are resistant to change.

ROI is undefined. Historically dealers don’t adopt new technologies until the return on investment is clear.

Despite the slow rates of mobile tablet adoption, dealers do recognize the potential benefits, including:


Mobile Tablets in Service


In terms of revenue potential and increased customer satisfaction, the service department stands to benefit the most from mobile tablet adoption. With full DMS integration, mobile tablets can be used for the following processes:


Mobile Tablets in Sales


In the sales department, mobile tablets shine as a tool that can present visual information such as inventory videos, dealership videos, online reviews and other information that may be used in the decision-making process.

With full DMS integration, mobile tablets can be used for the following sales processes:


Mobile Tablets in F&I


During the turnover from sales to F&I, customers often have to wait until the F&I manager is available. Handing customers a mobile tablet with a display of the F&I menu during this wait time will increase their engagement and help to shorten the sales process.

A mobile tablet presentation of F&I products is perceived by customers as imposing less pressure upon them to make a purchasing decision, compared with when they are sitting in front of the F&I manager. This makes the customer feel more empowered, which in turn builds trust and ultimately increases product sales.

With full DMS integration, mobile tablets can be used for the following F&I processes:

Clearly, mobile tablets can be used for a variety of dealership processes, and I believe it’s just a matter of time before they become ubiquitous. The benefits are clear, even if the ROI is still difficult to define. For a free ebook with practical tips on how to adopt and use mobile tablets in your dealership, click here.

Where does your dealership stand on the usage of mobile tablets? If you have adopted them, what has your experience been? If you have not adopted them, what’s the biggest reason for holding back?


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