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Headed to Atlanta? Don’t Miss Mike Esposito at the CBT Expo!

CBTconference2016-logoMike Esposito is a featured speaker at the CBT Automotive Conference and Expo next week in Atlanta, Georgia. If you are headed that way, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Mike will be presenting the following workshop on Tuesday, February 9th from 4pm- 4:50pm:
“How to Create Loyal Customers Without A Customer Loyalty Program”
Dealers spend millions of dollars every year on customer loyalty programs, but you can’t buy loyalty with free oil changes. The fact is customers will never love your company unless your employees love your company. The best way to improve customer loyalty is to focus on making your employees happy and creating a great place to work.
In this session, Mike Esposito will present the following:

  1. The proven correlation between happy employees, loyal customers and higher profits.
  2. Why customer satisfaction scores (CSI) have nothing to do with loyalty and the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  3. How to create a “great place to work” that will help to attract and retain the best employees
  4. What really motivates your employees; it may not be what you think.
  5. Track your success; a simple tool that can be used to measure your results.

Learn how to turn your dealership into a “best place to work” to attract the best employees, retain more customers and enjoy higher profits!
If you want to attend, it’s still not too late to register online! Online registration closes Friday, February 5th. Use this special code CBT-AUTOMATE-VIP to obtain a discount.
Click here to register online:

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