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The Auto Dealer’s 10-Step Guide to Hiring the Best Employees


HiringeBookAuto/Mate’s FREE eBook will guide you through the process of hiring the best employees in your dealership or business.

It’s no secret that the employee turnover rate for certain positions in the auto industry is extremely high. According to NADA, the average turnover rate for a sales consultant in 2013 was 62 percent compared to the dealership average turnover rate of 35 percent. In a non-luxury dealership, that sales consultant turnover rate skyrockets to 68 percent! Service advisors come in at a strong second with an average turnover rate of 40 percent in non-luxury dealerships.

Why do auto dealers struggle with turnover? In my career with Auto/Mate, I have interviewed hundreds of job candidates, the majority of whom have car dealership experience. Download this eBook for a look at the most common hiring mistakes that auto dealers make.

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