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Many of our customers are under the impression that to get these new software updates you have to call us and we will send the update out. This is actually not true!

These three recent software enhancements have already been rolled out to all of our customers and can be activated at any time.

Simply go into the System Admin tool, then navigate to Accounting set ups. You should see the software update notifications for Inquiry, Cash Receipts and A/R Receipting.

To activate the updates, simply check the box next to each item. If you don’t like the updates or you want more time to get used to them, go back and uncheck the box to deactivate the updates.

To access documentation for each new update, click on the name of the update and a hyperlink will bring you to a screen with the new documentation.

Auto/Mate designed this self-activation feature because not everyone wants to activate new updates right away. Some people want to wait until they have time to review the new documentation so they will understand how to perform functions with the updated version.

Going forward Auto/Mate will offer this self-activated option for most of its software updates. Some larger updates may require extra training or set-ups.

You will receive notifications for software updates in the message center in Auto/Mate University (AMU). If you have any questions about how to self-activate software updates, please contact us.

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