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How does Auto/Mate University work?


Auto/Mate University (AMU) is a new online Learning Management System (LMS) for Auto/Mate customers. We’ve designed learning paths for each and every role in a dealership that will help employees onboard efficiently.

AMU launches automatically every time the Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) is launched. It can be accessed via its own separate tab that opens automatically.

The greatest advantage of AMU is that it allows users to advance at their own pace, and also to learn in ‘snippets’ as opposed to hour-long training sessions. Documentation is offered in a variety of formats to best suit every individual’s needs, including videos, written tutorials and self-help guides.

No matter what your role in the dealership, you’ll find all the materials in your learning path that will teach you how to do your job efficiently and get the most out of Auto/Mate’s AMPS.

Now when your dealership hires a new employee, you will no longer have to conduct extensive training on how to use AMPS. AMU is so intuitive and easy to use that virtually anyone can self-train. This also eliminates incidences of new employees learning “bad habits” from existing employees.

AMU also includes a message center so Auto/Mate’s Go Team can inform users about updates, periodic outages and other occurrences. For example, if GM’s communications platform goes down, you will receive a notification in your AMU message center so you don’t have to waste time calling technical support. Likewise, you’ll be notified when the platform is up and running again.

Auto/Mate is incredibly excited about AMU; and we’re sure that you will be too! AMU is available now.


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