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Take the Journey Toward a Better DMS at NADA

Road TripThe NADA Convention & Expo is always an exciting time for Auto/Mate. We love to visit with our customers and showcase our latest software developments. At our booth, dealers will see the phrase “You Take the Wheel, We Call Shotgun™.” This phrase perfectly exemplifies Auto/Mate’s continued focus on providing the industry’s best support to our dealership customers and their ability to control their journey and the trail they blaze for their business.

If you’re in the market for a DMS that does business differently, stop by our booth for a demo! Auto/Mate is more than a software company. We are a partner who puts control of the DMS and data back in your hands. With Auto/Mate, you have the freedom to choose which vendors you do business with and the freedom of not being bound to a multi-year contract.

Schedule a demo at NADA or stop by Booth #3483C.

In addition to our core system, we’ll be demonstrating some of our latest products, including:


AMPS Mobile

AMPS Mobile brings your DMS on the go. With access to reports, service appointments and customer information, our app gives you a sense of comfort whenever you need to travel or be away from the dealership for more than a day.


Texting Engine

Texting allows you to notify customers with service updates and other important messages via text message. Forget having to play phone tag, hoping the customer picks up this time. Auto/Mate’s texting engine is fully integrated into our core DMS, allowing you to communicate with your customers using one single piece of software.

Our Texting engine helps dealerships that want to increase customer communication by improving the turnaround time and utilizing the preferred method of communication at an affordable cost, unlike competitor or third party solutions.


E-Signature Capture Engine

This tablet-based engine allows service and parts staff to accept and store digital signatures from customers. The ability to collect and store signatures greatly reduces paper trails, improves compliance and workflow and increases customer satisfaction.


Report/Mate Engine

Report/Mate is designed to get you the information you need to make better decisions about your dealership. It’s built to provide insights about your business using the information in your DMS. Report/Mate offers fully customizable reporting on demand, or on a set schedule that can be shared across departments and emailed directly to your inbox. Set goals with more insight, track performance with more accuracy and drive more growth for your dealership.


Credit Card Processing from Vantiv

Auto/Mate’s credit card processing feature integrates the Vantiv credit card device and merchant services into its Cashiering feature in the Service Merchandising module. The integration eliminates the need for dealership personnel to manually enter credit card type and transaction amounts into the card reader, and to manually enter information from cash receipts into the DMS.


Vehicle Merchandising

Vehicle Merchandising helps you maintain and update your vehicle inventory with ease. Vehicle Merchandising allows you to sort and filter inventory searches, see current inventory age in real-time and identify inventory units in service with access to open RO detail and service history.

With the J.D. Power Values subscription, you can accurately price your vehicles with recommended retail markup. Additionally, the ability to perform vehicle transfers allows you to sell vehicles from one store to another without having to desk any deals.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! You take the wheel. We call shotgun™.

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