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May in the News Roundup

Have you heard the latest news from Auto/Mate and DealerSocket? Stay in the know with our monthly roundup.



5 Reasons to Make Employee Engagement A Top Priority

Employee engagement has become a top priority for 85% of executives. In this article Melissa Maldonado shares compelling reasons why every dealership should be prioritizing employee engagement.


Due to COVID-19, in-person industry events have been cancelled or re-scheduled. However, these webinars are a great way to stay informed!

Virtual Connection: Getting Personal During Social Distancing

May 8

Forging and maintaining a human connection while engaging customers virtually has emerged as a significant challenge for dealers during this period of social distancing. The teams at DealerSocket and ActivEngage will converge for a special webinar to reveal the tools and strategies that are making a difference, as well as share best practices for CRM usage, chat, and digital marketing.

How Much Money is Your Phone Leaving on the Table?

May 13

As you spend time and money driving quality sales leads to your dealership, are you aware of what’s happening once those prospects pick up the phone and call your store? From how your salespeople manage phone ups to how you manage your salespeople, actions directly correlate with conversions. Learn how Qvale Auto Group uses effective call management to create a culture of commitment, accountability, and competition to drive sales.

5 Tips for Merchandising Inventory During COVID-19

May 14

This webinar recording is available for DealerSocket customers only. Request access by emailing [email protected].

GM’s Checklist: Re-opening Your Dealership

May 21

As local governments make decisions, businesses are starting to re-open and car buying will begin to resume. Is your dealership ready for the changes ahead? We’ve put together a BIG checklist for re-opening your dealership, and we’ll cover everything from getting your sales reps back into the swing to pricing strategies.

Saving Money with UTM Codes

May 26

By using UTMs on your clickable links (emails, social media, etc), your dealership can keep marketing companies accountable and track your website visitors’ clicks in Google Analytics. Join us on this webinar where we talk all things UTMs, including an interactive demo so you can see EXACTLY how it works in Google Analytics.

Press Releases

5/11: Auto/Mate Adds Remote Signing Capability to eDEAL Signature Capture

5/12: New Data from DealerSocket Reveals Positive Trends in the Industry

5/26: Auto/Mate Introduces Remote Payments for Repair Orders and Parts Invoices

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