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Problems? We have solutions. Your accounting team gets results.

Life in accounting can be difficult, especially when you have to rely on manual processes and put up with support that is slow to respond. We’ve heard some real horror stories about how miserable your DMS can make you. Some of you have been putting up with this for a long time.

So to help you envision a future where you actually enjoy working with your DMS, we’ve prepared a collection of success stories highlighting how our customers have benefited by switching to Auto/Mate.

In these success stories, you’ll learn to:

  • Streamline accounting processes with easy-to-understand menus and easy navigation between different parts of the system

  • Manage multiple rooftops by performing journal entries across all dealerships with centralized accounting

  • Get world-class support from dealership experts who have been in your shoes and know how critical overcoming your challenges without the stress and frustration is

Check out our customer success stories or watch these testimonials from dealers that switched to Auto/Mate.

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