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One View Document Scanning & Data Archiving Solutions


One View offers leading document scanning and data archiving solutions that enhance auto dealership productivity by giving them easy 24/7 web-based access to and ultimate control over their data. We customize our solution to fit your specific dealership needs from single point store to large dealer group.

Reduces Expenses & Storage Space Requirements

Stop wasting time searching through boxes or off-site storage units to find misfiled folders. One View puts dealership documents at your fingertips for instant access. Save money by eliminating your papers, file folders, storage boxes, filing cabinets and storage facilities.

Simple Document Retrieval


One View securely stores your data in a way that is easy to search, retrieve, transfer and use whenever and wherever you need access to it. Instantly see all documents related to the search term. Grant various permissions so dealership employees see only the data necessary to their department. Improve your dealership efficiency with intuitive, fast search capabilities to locate any parts/service tickets, service contracts, insurance forms, warranty documents, accounts payable/receivable and other dealership documents.

Seamless DMS Integration

One View is fully compatible with Auto/Mate so users can see which documents are scanned and not matching within your DMS without leaving their desks, eliminating the chance of misplacing and shredding documents.

Ease Sales Tax, IRS & Warranty Audits

Provide auditors with immediate access to view all documentation needed for your sales and warranty audits. One View’s exception report ensures legal compliance for you to approach your next audit with confidence.

“Sending reports from Auto/Mate DMS to One View makes our month-end reporting very easy. One View and Auto/Mate are the perfect complement to each other for our improved dealership efficiency.” – Jenna Warr, Controller,Scarff Motors

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