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Price Auto Group Increases Metrics with Mobile Service Consultant

At a time when many dealers are considering a new DMS, it’s crucial that you chose one who will provide the caliber tools and support your team needs. Watch the video below to see what the folks at Price Auto Group had to say about her experience with Auto/Mate, and how it compares with other vendors.

“Mobile service consultant is a great way to start looking at retention.”



Read more about what other Auto/Mate customers have to say in a collection of success stories by filling out the form to the right. You’ll learn how we:

  • Solve problems in the accounting office, service department, and help increase sales through the experiences of our customers

  • Give dealers the best possible vale by giving them the functionality they need without hidden costs or outrageous integration fees

  • Provide world-class support from dealership experts who have been in your shoes and know how critical overcoming your challenges and reaching key metrics are

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