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$1,000 for assigned positions (currently Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer).

Exceptions: $1,500 for Accounting Support.



When your referral applies to our open position, please have them select “External Referral” as their source, list your name in the “referred by” field, and list your email address in the “referred by email” field. If the candidate does not list you as the referral source during their initial application, you will be ineligible for an external referral bonus.


You must be an individual person (i.e., not a business entity), and a legal resident of the United States who is at least 18 years of age to participate in the program.


You are not eligible for an external referral payment if the candidate you refer is:

  1. Actually yourself (but we appreciate you trying to get an added sign –on bonus. We will get you a cupcake instead)
  2. A recent or current Auto/Mate DMS User (within the past 6 months)
  3. An immediate family member of a current Auto/Mate employee
  4. A former Auto/Mate Employee, contractor, part-time employee, or intern
  5. Previously applied to a position with Auto/Mate
  6. Has had a dialogue with Auto/Mate regarding career opportunities within the past 180 days.


If you are eligible to participate in the Program, Auto/Mate shall pay you a one-time external referral payment in the amount of $1,000 (gross) for a referral if the referral results in a successful regular full-time hire, and none of the program rules and regulations listed below were violated.


  • The referred employee must document that he / she was referred by you in their initial application to Auto/Mate Dealership Systems.
  • The referred employee must be hired within 6 months of your initial referral.
  • The referred employee must complete 90 days of continuous, active employment with Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, in good standing.
  • The referred employee must still employed by Auto/Mate at the time the external referral bonus is to be paid.
  • The referrer must complete and return IRS Form W-9 (and any other documentation that Auto/Mate may require) in order to receive the referral bonus. This form will be supplied to you by Auto/Mate once your referred candidate has completed 90 days of continuous, active employment with Auto/Mate.
  • Payments will be made on a 1099 basis, paid by company check, and mailed within approximately 30 days of the referred employee’s 90th day of employment. If you don’t get your check in time, just give us a call or send an email to [email protected]
  • Agencies / 3rd party recruiters are ineligible to participate in the External Referral Program.
  • The referred employee must be hired for the position in which you referred them for.
  • Auto/Mate has the sole discretion to decide if a program rule was violated and deem you ineligible for an external referral bonus, or for any other reason we determine necessary.
  • Auto/Mate has the sole discretion to ban individuals from future external referral eligibility for violations of program rules, or for any other reason we determine necessary.
  • Auto/Mate will pay only one external referral per referred and hired employee. The timestamp in our applicant tracking system will dictate eligibility of the referrer on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If there is a dispute between who the original referrer was, we will seek input from the referred employee, and Auto/Mate has the sole discretion to determine who is eligible for the external referral bonus.
  • Auto/Mate will not pay an internal and external referral bonus for the same employee.


  • I love the employee-centric culture. The personal connection employees have with the administration is second to none. In turn, the administration really goes out of their way to create an enjoyable and rewarding work environment.

    Schuyler Traudt, Senior Technical Support Specialist
  • When the CEO treats you like family you know you’re in the right place. At Auto/Mate there are always opportunities for advancement and to learn and grow. I’ve had many roles and each one has been rewarding.

    Jen Jones, Customer Success Manager
  • Coming into work at Auto/Mate is unlike anything I've experienced. When you walk in everyone's always happy to see you and quick to offer a good morning and a smile. Auto/Mate refers to us collectively as the "Auto/Mate family" and they really do go the extra mile to make you feel a part of that.

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