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Blue Knob Auto Sells 500+ Vehicles During COVID-19 With Remote eDEAL™


The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating to auto dealerships nationwide, and Blue Knob Auto was no exception. When Pennsylvania’s stay-at-home orders took effect in March 2020, Blue Knob Auto shuttered its doors completely and remained closed for over a month. Toward the end of April, the governor of Pennsylvania allowed auto dealerships to start selling cars again, but only online.

Fortunately for the dealership, they had just switched to Auto/Mate early March and Auto/Mate’s development team created Remote eDEAL™ just a month later, allowing dealers to conduct the signing ceremony remotely.

In this case study, Senior Manager Aaron Hobaugh discusses how Remote eDEAL:

  • Created a safe and comfortable environment for customers during COVID-19

  • Provided the flexibility and innovation the dealership needed to remain open

  • Helped facilitate 456 vehicle sales during May 2020

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