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Guest blog by Matt Orlando, Director, OEM Strategy and Customer Solutions, RouteOne


Simplifying the vehicle finance and purchase process has become a priority for every dealership. Streamlining these workflows not only elevates your bottom line, but helps you offer a more transparent and online shopping process that many consumers demand.


Many shoppers are used to buying everything online—from clothes to home goods, to a variety of services—and many would like the opportunity to purchase their next vehicle in the same way.


Much of the car shopping process is already transacted online. More than likely, your dealership allows prospective buyers to search for inventory on your website, research payment options, and submit an online credit application.


What is the next step to transition from online shopping to the in-store purchasing experience, while seamlessly keeping up digital momentum? Consider crossing the digital divide with eContracting and all the benefits it offers.


If you are an Auto/Mate user, our open integration eContracting platform connects seamlessly with your DMS, allowing data to flow from your DMS right into an eContract. Getting started is easy.


With eContracting, you can enjoy faster funding—literally within minutes!—because crucial contract documents and data are quickly shared between dealers and finance sources.


That means you get paid faster, reduce contracts in transit (CIT) and save money every day. Whether you manage hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars in CIT every day, you know that turnaround time can make or break your dealership’s bottom line.


When you eContract with RouteOne, you’ll have access to our growing list of 50+ eContracting finance sources committed to providing dealers with the ability to contract smarter and more efficiently.


In addition, paper documents must be sent by courier or via overnight shipping, with those costs absorbed by your dealership. There’s no such thing as a shipping fee when you send an electronic file. With the click of a key, an eContract is sent digitally to the chosen finance source.


eContracting also contributes to a reduction of errors by automating critical checkpoints and validating contract data for accuracy as it’s entered. This reduces bounced or held offerings and the potential for lost documents or missed contract compliance requirements.


The signature process with eContracting is flexible to the needs of your customers and easy to implement, all while minimizing the chance of missing signatures.


With a Mobile eContracting application on a tablet device, you can present the eContract for signature wherever the deal may happen, in the store or lot.


Some buyers choose to complete much of the purchase process online and in the comfort of their own environment. With eContracting, you can provide customers with the ability to review all their contract documents, and even sign all of them electronically, before they come into your store for delivery.


With a Remote Document Delivery service, you can electronically send deal documents directly to your customers for their review prior to signature, so that they can take the time to go over everything on their own time and at their own pace. If a busy buyer wishes to sign documents on their own time, a Remote eSigning feature allows you to collect remote electronic signatures.


eContracting helps dealerships adapt to the varied needs of all your customers, now and into the future. When you offer the right purchasing tools to help buyers take more control of the vehicle purchase process, you provide a customer experience that leads to higher satisfaction rates and CSI scores. If customers enjoy the experience and remember how easy you made the process, there’s a good chance they will be back for repeat purchases.


As one of RouteOne’s eContracting partners, Auto/Mate makes it easy to get started. This process is beneficial to your bottom line and customer satisfaction, so what’s holding you back? RouteOne offers a wide variety of complimentary training opportunities like live webinars, videos, and quick start guides to fast-track your eContracting skills. Make a resolution to get started today.


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