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Top 10 Travel Tips from Auto/Mate’s Road Warriors

Auto/Mate is well known for its award-winning service and support. Part of that commitment to our customers involves traveling—and a lot of it! In 2017 alone, Auto/Mate’s customer support and technical team members have logged nearly 200,000 miles and visited more than 200 different locations—and we’re only halfway through the year!

Recently we rounded up some of our road warriors and asked them for their best travel tips. Since summer vacation season is upon us, and many of our customers and partners travel on business, we decided to share some of our best travel tips.

Here is a list of our favorite “Top 10” tips:

  1. Don’t check security line lengths; check how fast the security agent is working.

  2. Log your parking spot electronically. Google Maps and Apple Maps both allow you to save parking locations, and there are many free apps that accomplish the same thing.

  3. Use RFID blocking wallets or cardholders to minimize the risk of RFID skimming, or “electronic pickpocketing.”

  4. Pack sanitizing wipes in your carry-on luggage to use on the folding tray on the airplane. You’d be surprised how often this isn’t cleaned.

  5. Sign up for hotel and transportation reward clubs to get special discounts and perks.

  6. Always pack overnight essentials and two changes of clothing in your carry-on in case your luggage is lost. It could be just a few hours but it could be days. For the same reason, never pack your prescriptions or glasses in your checked luggage.

  7. Ask for upgrades at the hotel when the front desk isn’t busy. If you catch someone in a good mood you may get a really nice room!

  8. Consider donating some of your air miles to “Wishes in Flight,” a program that the Make-A-Wish foundation runs. Your airline miles will be used to help transport terminally ill children in need.

  9. Save unused hotel lotions, soaps and shampoos and donate them to your local Ronald McDonald House and local homeless shelters.

  10. Tripit is a fantastically useful app for your phone that tracks all of your travel plans into one simple itinerary. It even updates when your flight is delayed and tracks how many miles you have traveled. The best part is it is completely free!

What are your favorite travel tips?


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